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piter seil

The Begin

Piter Seil is an artist and songwriter based in Italy. Right from the get-go, you can get an amazing sense of the depth of the arrangement and the incredible nuances that drive the sound of his compositions. Piter started this project in 2019, following many experiences with various bands as a guitar player. He continued to explore his music with a love of passion, freedom and artistry, diving deeper into the adrenaline of true rock and roll music. His debut single, “Don’t Come Back” was released in 2020, and he continued to build his musical legacy with a new EP, “100% Pure Rock’n’roll”.

The Rest of The History

You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists like Sex Pistols, AC/DC and Motörhead, only to name a few. Like all of those aforementioned artists, Piter Seil is a true wizard at crafting music that is immediately likable and diverse, and his music is a manifesto of his attitude and creative fierceness. Today’s music scene is as diverse as ever, and Piter stays true to the staples of the rock genre without being strictly bound to its confines and creative dogmas.

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